Casting & Auditions

All LEVEL 1 New Talent Graduates will receive vital information on how to access local audition listings for work in TV, Film & Commercials.

Here are some of the casting opportunities for the LEVEL 1 New Talent Graduate:

    • Local TV, Film and Commercial Auditions – With all the films being made, network & cable TV stations, streaming services, and commercials – there are so many acting roles looking for the perfect child, teen or young adult actor to cast for the part!
    • Background Parts and Under 5 Spoken Lines – For a brand new young actor, these are smaller role castings that break you into being a professional. You will be on the set with the cast & crew under the lights and camera!
    • Modeling and Fashion – This is a whole other area that may be exactly what you desire to do. The new face & new look is always something everyone in the industry wants for find!
    • Music Videos – Castings for young actors & actresses where you get to play a role or create a vibe while you dance along to a hit song!
    • Promotional Work – Companies are always looking for new fresh talent to promote their products & services. Actors frequently audition to appear in these featured and supporting roles!

Auditions & Open Calls for YOU!

Break Into Hollywood Studios can help you find the audition listings and casting calls for kids, teens & young adults, and we can create the match between your unique look & talent and the requirements for the role.

This Acting Service program is for Graduates only!

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