What can the Break Into Hollywood Studio do for me as a beginning actor?

The Break Into Hollywood Studio can provide you with everything you need to start a professional acting career in TV & Film. We specialize in on-camera acting classes, head shot & resume development and showcasing events for contract and casting opportunities! It is the most complete, educational program out there for the aspiring actor!


What do you need to start a professional acting career in TV and film?

This business is all about acquiring the “Three BIG E’s” – Education, Exposure and Experience! All beginning actors should start with a strong desire and a determination to act, good solid training, some local or theater experience plus a good head shot and resume. These are the basic requirements to get started as a professional actor.


What do you look for in a potential client?

There is not one particular thing that agents, managers and casting directors look for, nor can it really be put into words. The work “charisma” does come to mind, however. Usually, it is a combination of talent, looks, energy, personality, and confidence, etc. that makes a person shine.


What about kids and teens in the industry?

This can be a fantastic opportunity for kids and teens in the industry! Children should be in the industry for the right reason – because they love it, not because their parents want them to do it. Children can do very well in this business due to the expansion of children’s programming. However, kids and teens, like adults, should be trained and ready for their acting auditions and career. Education is key!  Acting is a business and you must be ready to BOOK the ROLE!


Am I right for commercials?

The great thing about commercials is that they are supposed to portray real people so all types are needed. If you have a lot of energy and a great personality you have a shot at being a successful commercial actor. Commercials are one the biggest markets out there for actors so it is beneficial to take on-camera commercial classes to compete professionally.


Does everyone need an Agent or Manager?

Once an actor is trained and ready to audition, your goal is to obtain representation with a licensed agent or a credentialed manager. Because it’s all about getting the contract! An agent’s job is to furnish the actor with auditions. The agent receives 10% of the actor’s earnings. A manager tends to look at the BIG PICTURE and is very helpful in forming and guiding an actor’s career. Managers are able to give special, personalized attention to their clients while agents generally have too many clients to do so. Manager’s receive anywhere from 15%-20% of the actor’s earnings.

Break Into Hollywood Studios is endorsed and recommended by the best agents, managers and industry people from such top networks as Disney, Nickelodeon, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MTV, BET and more!


Once I am trained and ready as a new talent, how do I seek representation and auditions?

Break Into Hollywood Studios provides all graduates with vital information on how to successfully launch an acting career. You will learn how to SELF-PROMOTE, access auditions and submit to the best agents, managers and casting directors. Most importantly, all students get to attend our highly acclaimed Graduate Showcase Events where you get to meet and audition LIVE with TOP industry people for contract and casting opportunities.


Because it is WHAT and WHO you know that counts!