Actor Services Prepare You for Success

It would be nice if it were only your acting talent that made the difference. Today, that is not the case. That's why every aspiring young actor or actress can greatly benefit from our acting and casting services that are woven into out industry renowned acting program. We at Break Into Hollywood Studios don't believe you can separate the two. Each combines to make you ready for prime time in the world of television, film, and commercial acting jobs. Take a look below at the tools needed to create opportunities for young students to become professional actors.

Professional Actor Headshots

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In House Casting

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There are certain elements that everyone needs to succeed. These are the items you are probably not skilled in creating on your own. There are certain high standards for their creation that are expected to be followed by the managers, casting agents, directors and producers you will be displaying your acting talent to.

What Every Actor or Actress Needs to Have

Knowing what the actor needs is the first step. Putting the package together in a high level professional way is the challenge, and alsothe key that will open doors for you! Break Into Hollywood Studios is the number one, full service acting studio that gives the beginning young adult, teenager and child actor everything needed to launch a successful acting career in television, film and TV commercials.
Here is an overview of the education, tools and services that all young actors need and will receive at Break Into Hollywood Studios:

  • On Camera Acting Classes for TV and Film– Learn how to perform on camera and be the best actor you can be.  Study the craft.  Get confidence and camera ready to perform as a professional actor.

  • Auditioning Technique Classes – learn how to professionally audition and meet with casting directors and agents. The secrets to booking the role and signing the contract.

  • Actor Headshots – The actor headshot is so very important. It is your calling card andthe image that represents you, and the one the industry pros will remember you by hopefully book you for the job.

  • Audition Listings – learn how to access the best websites for local and nationwideauditions for television, film and commercial roles in your city and state.

  • Actor Social Media Workshops – Social Media is now. Everyone is on it – and that includes the industry people you want to discover you. YouTube and other social media platforms are the new connection channel. All actors need a professional demo tape to promote on YouTube and all social media outlets. We do it all for you!

  • Actor Showcasing Events – Your talents will be seen by casting agents, entertainment managers, directors and producers. It can be a small world in the big industry if you get to know the right people – and you give them the opportunity to get to know your unique acting talent.  All graduates get to audition LIVE and meet major industry people from such networks as Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, FOX, NBC, BET CBS and more for contract and casting opportunities. At Break Into Hollywood Studios, we have the biggest and best showcases nationwide – because it is WHO you know that counts!

  • Actor Resumes – Pursuing an acting career requires a professionally written resume.  Your resume must include your professional acting education and training. This can be your initial connection to industry pros.

So if you are ready to Break Into Hollywood – please bring that talent to our studios, we will make sure you leave fully prepared to launch a successful and professional career in television, film and commercials. We take great pride in being the biggest and best full service acting studio for new talent.

Turn your acting dream into success – start the journey with us today!