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Break Into Hollywood Studios Exciting Announcement!

Every year Apple improves their computers. New smart phones create a buzz every few months. There’s a catchy song just released on iTunes that everyone wants to download. New TV shows quickly become your current favorites.

All of us at Break Into Hollywood Studios are happy and excited to announce something we have that is brand new too – we have just launched our totally updated, beautiful and interactive website!

What hasn’t changed is our years of experience in knowing exactly how to give you the best shot possible to make it in the world of TV, movies and commercials! We can help you open the doors to Break Onto Hollywood. We have been successful with so many young adult acting students – and we would like to take you there as well.

It often takes more than a lucky break. Talent and determination come first, and next you have to add the best acting coaches available, a full features acting school program to teach you the acting and technical skills, and someone with the ‘connections’ to get your unique talent in front of acting industry pros who can ‘discover’ you! We deliver all of that, and we have the track record to back it up.

Explore Our New Break Into Hollywood Studios Website

Our new website has all the information you will need to get to know all about us. The next step is to call us so we can get to know something about you, connect with you as an aspiring actor or actress, and answer any questions you may have. We are ready to talk to you whenever you are, and we will let you know if we feel we are a good match together. If so, our wonderful staff in both New York City and Las Vegas will make it all happen for you.

So we hope you like our new look, new logo, and a website that interacts with you to show what Break Into Hollywood Studios are all about. Watch our videos and read through the many positive testimonials from talented actors – just like yourself – who have had tremendous experiences and career advancement as a result of becoming a student at Break Into Hollywood Studios.

We have launched our new website.

We are ready to launch your career in the acting world.

Let us know who you are – and hopefully we can help start that dream you have – the dream of becoming a successful actor or actress and having everyone else in the world know who you are too!

Break Into Hollywood Studios – our name says it all! We would love to take you to next levels of your career.

Enjoy navigating through our new site, and call us – we’re here and can talk. Our site will be vibrant, and new exciting videos, photos and announcements will be regular additions.

Please also follow and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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