TV Show Audition & Casting Call Tips

Do you watch the Disney Channel? So many kids and teens do. Ever wonder how the talented actors and actresses starring in shows got their start? Each one has their own individual story about how they got to be on TV. Probably the easiest way is if the actor already had a track record and an impressive resume. The producers and directors of the shows might be then introduced to them through their management, agent, word of mouth – or perhaps they saw them perform in a show, commercial or movie. Sometimes shows are actually developed around the particular look and talents of an actor or actress. Their presence drives the show, and it all revolves around them.

Professional actor's headshot for Break Into Hollywood Studios graduate Odiseas Georgiadis.

New Talented Young Actors & Actresses for Disney Shows

If you go into a Disney audition or casting call and turn heads with your look, your composure, your confidence and your action skill in front of the camera – you would certainly create a lot of immediate attention!

In today’s entertainment world, everyone craves someone new and fresh. If you can walk the walk – you can create a buzz at an audition or a Disney casting talent search, and instantly be on the road to success as a new actor on TV.

What to Expect at an Audition or Casting Call

So do you just walk into an audition and get in front of a camera while being scrutinized by a team of intense busy industry pro’s and perform your lines with passion while you expertly act out every big and little personality trait of the character you are asked to be? Will everything go amazingly wonderful and will you remain calm, confident, professional and totally blow away the panel who will decide on which new actor to cast for their role? If you are inexperienced – the answer is NO!

They will probably look at you as a young person who may have some potential, but is so far away from being ready for prime time, so far away from them being able to rely on you to do what it takes in an important demanding part on a Disney Channel show. You may just not be ready – and that will be so obvious to the directors, producers and casting directors.

Preparation for Landing the Television Role YOU Want!

It takes training and practice to develop a skill. Then you need to be confident that you can do it consistently when you are under the spotlight and everything you do counts. That’s what Break Into Hollywood Studios excels in – we prepare you to raise the bar on your level of acting skills, and just as importantly, teach you how to do your best when a real opportunity is there!

We know what it takes to get you to feel like a seasoned pro – even when you go to your first casting call ever. Our acting coaching, and the experience you will get performing in showcases at Break Into Hollywood Studios, will enable you to do your best, feel in control of the situation, overcome nervousness, be loose, and give it your best shot.

There is no guarantee for success. At auditions and casting calls there is a lot of competition for the same desired roles, and so many young actors would love to be on a Disney show. If this is what YOU want to do – then go for it!

It’s Showtime for You – Get Started

So from your first day here, to completing our program, we are there with you trying to help you accomplish your dreams. If you are seven years old and up the first step is for you and one of you parents to come to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors.

Make it happen. Let us show you how. Maybe YOU can be the next big Disney star to light up the entertainment universe!