My Kid Should Be In TV Commercials!!

Parents often ask us – “How do I get my kid in commercials?”

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Parents watch the TV commercials that have children in them and wonder if their kid can do that too. You might think that your own child is cuter, more photogenic, funnier, and more perfect-looking for the part. You may be right, but how to you go from watching other kids in television commercials while sitting on your living room couch – to creating a situation where your own son or daughter are actually in a real commercial on that living room TV screen?

Advice for Children in Front of the Camera

So here’s our professional experienced advice after years of working with thousands of aspiring child actors and actresses.

On a rare occasion, some kids might be total ‘naturals’, and get ‘discovered’ while eating lunch with you at a local coffee shop – but that is usually NOT the case. That is why there is a recommended process to use in order to give your kid the best shot for success.

Commercials are big business, a lot is riding on the ad’s success for the brands and the advertising agency they hired to create the short TV spot. And time is money on the set on the days the commercial is filmed.

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Your child may have the ‘look’ and the personality – but they will have a distinct advantage over the other kids auditioning for the role if they also have experience in these types of situations! There are numerous distractions, lights, cameras, people, and often an intense feeling on the set. Things have to get done. All the talent – young or old – has to step up and do it. Producers and directors and the ad agency prefer to not have to deal with any issues that can compromise the shoot, and that includes child actors who are unable to follow directions, who become shy all of a sudden, who have any behavioral issues on the set, and kids who just can’t totally put themselves into their performance.

It’s more than just your son’s nice haircut and hip glasses, or your daughter’s stunning blue eyes, and amazing hair.

Kids & Teens Acting Training for Commercials

Here’s our recommendation. Just like you would want you kid to be comfortable doing gymnastics before going to their first competition, or knowing what to expect on a Regent’s exam before going in to take it – you as a parent want to put your child in the best position to succeed as a young actor, and not be devastatingly disappointed because they did not get the part, or did not do well when the moment counted.

On the actual set, all they will get is some relatively quick coaching from the director. For all ages of aspiring actors – the solid actor training should come beforehand! If this is what you and your child want to do – then go for it – but first enroll in acting classes that will prepare them for something they have never experienced before.

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Acting programs designed specifically for this – that are legitimate and focused – are rare. That’s why at Break Into Hollywood Studios we have created a series of acting classes in our program that are unique, inspiring, and specifically geared for exactly what your child or teenager needs to learn and experience. This is invaluable training to have that will help when they audition for TV commercials, and will continue making them feel confident on the set if they land an actual role in one. That is why we have the successful track record that we do. Our studios have graduates now starring in lead roles on national commercials, feature films and top TV shows on many of the major networks such as Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO, Netflix, CBS, NBC, BET, ABC and more… We know how to make it happen. Your kid gets the training they need directly from working with our professional VIP acting coaches, and as an important key part of their educational experience, they will get the opportunity to perform at our acclaimed Hollywood Showcase of Agents in front of top entertainment managers, casting agents and other industry professionals.

What Should We Do As the Next Step?

So to answer your initial question – “What do I have to do to get my kid into TV commercials?” – the best and easiest first step is to simply come to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors.

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But remember – we can’t help you unless we know who you are. Let’s meet at the special Intro Session – we hope it will be a life changing experience for you!