Break Into Hollywood Studios Featured Star Graduate Actor of the Month

Eric Hill Jr. is our Break Into Hollywood featured graduate actor this month, and there are many reasons why. Read how he started his acting career at our studios.

Successful young actor Eric Hill, Jr. at Break Into Hollywood Studios.

Getting HIS Start at Break Into Hollywood Studios

It started for Eric the same way it begins for many of our students – it was simple – when he was 16, he and his Mom just signed up on our website and attended our Break Into Hollywood Studios Beginner Talent Program. He had thoughts of trying to become a model, but after an interview and discussion with the President of our studios, he saw all the many possibilities for him to succeed as a professional actor, and he decided to “go for it!” He then started his career right here at Break Into Hollywood Studios. During his conversation with the head of our studios – who has that special eye for discovering young actors and actresses – Eric was told that he has the good looks and natural talent necessary. He was encouraged by the focused and wise advice to study, train and make a real commitment to becoming a working actor.

He then left that initial meeting excited and confident that he had what it takes to be a major star, and set a goal to be starring in national commercials, feature films and prime time TV shows within 5 to 10 years. He signed up at Break Into Hollywood Studios and studied with our 5 star acting coaches. He worked hard and it paid off – because at our graduate Hollywood Showcase of Agents he was immediately signed by an actor’s management company! His anticipated time frame was all wrong – because success happened very quickly!

A Young Actor Success Story

Soon after that management contract was signed and he graduated from our acting program, he booked a lead role on Law & Order. That was incredibly exciting!!

Actores Forest Whitaker & Eric Hill Jr in the movie Hurricane Season.

Next came another great lead role in his first feature film, where he starred next to Forest Whitaker and Bow-wow in the movie Hurricane Season. Eric was so incredibly happy with is new success, accomplishments, and lucky breaks, that he wrote a heart-felt Thank-You letter to the President of Break Into Hollywood Studios and crowned her with the new name of THE GOOTHE GODDESS OF OPPORTUNITY!!!!! That nickname stuck – and ever since then all students respectfully and affectionately always call her THE GOO!

Eric Hill, Jr. is NOW a Star!!

Eric Hill Jr. has gone on to star in numerous national television commercials for Nike with Kevin Durant and on a whole number of TV series including a guest star role on the hit HBO series Nurse Jackie which stars critically acclaimed Edie Falco from The Sopranos!

Currently, Eric has a recurring lead role in the NETFLIX flagship series Orange Is the New Black. Another prime time TV series on BET-TV is now added into Eric’s impressive resume for a lead role in Brotherly Love!

This Can All Happen to YOU Too!

Why not?

Do you have a special look? Some natural talent? A desire to be on TV or in the movies or on a commercial? Are you ready to work hard and commit to learning the acting skills you need, and learn and practice how to do great at auditions and showcases?

Then don’t wait any longer.

Start by coming to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors!

Our studio  headquarters is in New York City.

After the Intro Session, you will get the opportunity to have a conversation with one of our top representatives, attend the Beginner Talent Program, and start on the same successful actor journey exactly like Eric Hill Jr.

Congratulations Eric! We are all so proud of you.

Are YOU ready to follow in his footprints of success?

Start TODAY!