Success stories at Break Into Hollywood Studios – they are many! We are excited to feature another BEGINNER TALENT graduate who is a rising star! We are so proud of Odiseas!!!!

Actor, singer, and Break Into Hollywood Studios graduate Odiseas Georgiadis headshot promotional photo close up.

Odiseas started an acting career at our acting studios in NYC. He studied in our programs and upon graduation, landed a major contract with a top NYC manager at our showcase event. His career took off fast and has been an amazing journey!

Here’s just some of the exciting successes he has had so far:

Odiseas has starred in National Commercials for:

  • Optimum
  • Subway
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Apple

AND Lead Roles and appearances in these TOP TV Shows:

  • Blue Bloods
  • The Affair
  • The Slap
  • NYC 22
  • Gotham

In a recent interview, Odiseas is quoted as saying this:

“One day I said, ‘Ma, I wanna be on TV.’ I literally got up went to the computer—like at age 12 —and began looking for programs to get started. I stumbled upon Break Into Hollywood Studios for young actors and went to the Intro Session for Beginner Actors. Then I signed up for the Beginner Talent Program. At the end of that program, I did my  showcase in front of managers and agents. Right after this audition, I was called the next day by two agencies!!”

On top of it all – Odiseas is an amazing singer, songwriter and performer and is having much success as a multi-talented artist. Here is a music video of one of his new songs:

So how can YOU do it to? Do you want to be just like our successful graduates Odiseas, Nicholas Kim – and many others? They all came to Break Into Hollywood Studios with their acting career dreams. Our team of experienced professionals taught them, trained them, nurtured them, encouraged them, brought out the best in them – and totally prepared them to impress industry VIPs at auditions and casting call opportunities.

So RU next?

All you have to do to start is come to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors.

It’s time for you to BREAK INTO HOLLYWOOD TODAY!