Nickelodeon Auditions for Kids & Teens

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Dancers, actors, musicians and other performing artists all want to ‘make it’. They all want to be discovered, and many are competing for the same success. In many ways, that is a good thing – it makes everyone clearly see the need to develop their talents to the max.

On TV, with the abundance of new cable stations, original shows being broadcast by Internet on-demand streaming media services like Netflix, and the major television networks – there is always a demand for both new and established actors and actresses. As a young aspiring performer, are you (or your parents) wondering how best to go about trying to get a part on an actual TV show?

This blog post will focus on Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon & YOU as an Actor

Nickelodeon is a television network that is available on your basic satellite or cable. It’s ‘nickname’ is ‘Nick’. Their TV schedule includes many animated offerings like THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS and longtime favorite SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, but there are also live action hit shows like the endearing SAM & CAT, THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS & THE THUNDERMANS.

Casting Directors – Who, What & Why?

The casting director works in connection with the agents/managers, actors, and director for a show. Casting directors are often referred to as the ‘CD’. On very big productions, there could be a casting director that just deals with all the many ‘extras’ needed. A person called a casting associate often assists the ‘CD’.

The casting director is skilled in finding the right actor for the available role. As part of the show’s pre-production, roles are cast. Many are by audition, where you have the opportunity to perform in front of the actual people choosing the right actors for the show. Sometimes they are based on the CD having previous knowledge or experience with that particular actor. In any case – you have to do one thing: IMPRESS THEM WITH YOUR TALENT!!

How Will a Top ‘CD’ Discover ME?

They probably won’t – YOU have to make that happen! Without a track record they will not know who you are and what you are truly capable of in front of the camera. You can make some progress with much networking, and try to get a casting director to pay attention.

This is exactly the thing that Break Into Hollywood Studios helps actors with. We can make a difference in taking your talent to the next level, and preparing you to launch your real career. In our acting program, we train you to become a better actor. When you compare where you were at when you started, to your abilities upon graduation – it will be like night and day! But there is more to it all than just the acting chops and ability. We also prepare you to audition, create professional headshots, assist in the creation of your resume, and help teach you how to network in the industry.

Young actor and Break Into Hollywood Student Nicholas Kim weating a blue stripped shirt in his professional headshot.

Nicholas Kim

Most of all, once you complete the program, you get to be in our Hollywood Showcase of Agents, and guess what? – Nickelodeon casting directors have participated in these New York City Showcases for over a decade! Our graduates have auditioned for and starred in Nickelodeon shows. Two prime examples are Chris O’Neal who got the lead role on HOW TO ROCK (and the feature film SWINDLE) and Nicholas Kim who recently auditioned for a major role in a big Nick Pilot for the 2014 TV season.

We get you ready and confident for everything that you will experience in your quest for success.

We have so many testimonials from our students and graduates. Our Facebook page also features ‘shout outs’ to students who have landed roles or gotten great auditions, acquired an agent, or signed with a top manager.

You Never Know – It Could Be YOU!

Even if you audition and don’t secure a role – you may still have made an impression. Perhaps you just weren’t the perfect fit for THAT part. But the casting director will remember you, and now you have a ‘one to one’ connection established. Always remember – In this business it is a combination of

  • What You Know


  • Who You Know!

Break Into Hollywood Studios can help with both. First – we can make you a better, more experienced and confident actor AND then help expose your talents at our showcases to industry pro’s like casting directors, agents & managers. There is no guarantee for success – if there was, everyone who plays guitar would become a rock star – but if you are talented and work hard and refine your acting skills AND get to perform in front of the right people – there is a chance that YOU can achieve the success you dream about.

To gain more insight and knowledge, we suggest that you also read our recent blog posts about Disney Auditions, and our recommended audition tips. Sign Up Today forms are all over our website. If you just give us your name, email, phone, age and which of our locations you are nearest to – one of our representatives will get it touch with you, answer all your questions, and hopefully get you over to one of our studios to visit and –> start your acting classes and training!