DISNEY’S K.C. Undercover, Zendaya & Chris O’Neal

K.C. Undercover is a Disney series that started in January 2015. It is a major hit and Zendaya is a star. Zendaya is K.C. Cooper – a spy in training! She’s a tomboy doing karate and basketball while being a math wizard and discovering that her parents are secret agents. Typical kids life – right?

Break Into Hollywood Studios is excited to tell you that one of our graduates, Chris O’Neal, is now also guest starring on this series! He attended our Beginner Talent Program and started his career at our studio. Upon graduation, Chris signed with a major talent manager and has since appeared in a number of commercials – including one for Dairy Queen – and also a skit on Saturday Night Live. He kept at it until he got his first major role on TV in the Nickelodeon series How to Rock. Around the same time he co-hosted the series You Gotta See This also on Nickelodeon AND booked a lead role in the film Swindle with Ariana Grande.

As with many talented actors and actresses today, Chris O’Neal is also an accomplished music artist and released an EP titled Just Getting Started.

Chris is just one of our many success stories!!!

Young actor Chris O'Neal is guest starring on Disney's K.C. Undercover with Zendaya.

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