Are you REALLY Ready for a Disney Open Casting Call?

Disney Animation Studios is currently in pre-production for a number of new releases. Let’s play ‘pretend’ for a few minutes.

Professional acting opportunities for young actors and actresses often come from viewing listings, submitting requested items – video / professional headshots / resume, etc. – and attending casting calls and acting auditions.

Let’s Play ‘Pretend’

So here’s the ‘pretend’ part:

Your ‘agent’ – who is currently your Mom – ‘Momager’ – finds out about an audition. The text for the audition reads something like this:

The Disney Animation Studios are casting for the lead voice over role in the animated adventure- comedy feature film Moana. The setting is two thousand years ago in Oceania, and the main character is a teenage girl with a lot of spirit who travels with a funny pot belly pig and a hero legend. They discover that their world and their people’s future is in jeopardy, and they have to start searching for a mythical island which takes them on underworld adventures and a journey packed with action. Moana is to be directed by Ron Clements and John Musker who are both Academy Award nominees, and they wrote and directed Aladdin, The Princess & the Frog, and The Little Mermaid.

There is an international talent search to find the absolute perfect kid to be the new Disney Princess Moana. Filming will be done in Los Angeles.

To submit for this casting call, create a close up video of yourself framed to show your head and shoulders – and make sure you have plenty of light on you so the details come out. Talk to the camera, give an introduction and tell everyone all about yourself including your email & phone number. Then tell us why you think you would be perfect for the Princess Moana role. We need your parents’ permission if you are under 18. Then widen the frame and video record yourself singing a song that you perform well – for no more than one minute. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, and mail us your headshots and resume, along with a cover letter that states the exact URL link to your online video. Send all this to:



XXXXX, CA 91502

Do YOU Have What it Takes for THIS Disney Casting Call?

OK – what do you do?

Well you and your Mom can get out her new iPhone and you can practice doing what this Disney casting call requests a few times, and then record a video and get it to them. But does that give you the best opportunity to get a call back? – Especially considering that this casting call is international and there will be so many applicants submitting who are very talented and more experienced than you are right now.

Also, Disney is requesting headshots and a resume to go alone with the video.

Do you have professional headshots and an appropriate resume?

We Prepare OUR Students for ALL of This!

That’s what we do – and there is NO OTHER ACTING PROGRAM LIKE THIS ANYWHERE!!

All bases are covered, everything you will need to learn and experience is given to you. Acting classes, getting comfortable auditioning and at casting calls, learning to successfully showcase, gaining confidence, how to look best on camera, discovering how to be a shining star!

In addition we take the best professional headshots of you by our Los Angeles based photographer who specializes in exactly this, we create your resume, and our team gives social media training for young actors – and most importantly we teach their parents how to guide them in their new careers.

That’s us! We are NUMBER 1!

No one else puts this all together in one comprehensive preparatory package.  We have the stars that can prove it!


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