Acting Tips from a Top Talent Agent for Kids & Teens

As part of our acting programs, we have affiliated participating Showcase Agents, Managers & Casting Directors. These are the industry professionals who can make or break your career. They are the ones you generally audition for when you are going for a role that you want. As a young actor or actress, you need to impress them.

Guy Kochlani is a Hollywood talent agent. His company, Across The Board Talent Agency (ATB) represents top talent in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. ATB Talent is also soon opening locations in Paris, Tel Aviv & London in order to have more of an internal reach and presence.

Talent Agents Know the Biz

Guy took time out of his busy schedule to shoot an acting tip video for our students here at Break Into Hollywood Studios. He stresses that an aspiring young actor has to keep moving forward and keep learning, developing and gaining more experience. There is much competition out there, and to rise to the top and get work you have to ‘go for it’!

Break Into Hollywood Studios offers everything you need to get there. It is up to you to commit yourself to the process and confidently display your unique talents during your showcases and auditions. Sometimes success happens overnight – and sometimes it takes perseverance. You never know what the future holds. But just as cream rises to the top, your talent and studies will enable you to feel ready to take advantage of opportunities that could be your big break.

Guy Kochlani’s Acting Tips Video Transcript

“Hey guys, I’m Guy from Across The Board Talent Agency – the owner of the company – I also run the theatrical department.

We have clients in shows like, How I met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, we booked Sam & Cat yesterday.

You gotta be proactive. A lot of clients think that when they get an agent their job stops and the auditions are gonna be rolling in. It really doesn’t work that way. You gotta to be proactive – so what does that mean?

Take pictures, submit yourself on the casting websites, go to workshops, go to showcases, sign up for and continue your education at Break Into Hollywood – it’s those things that really kinda set you apart from everyone else, and that’s how you really perfect your art.

So Good Luck!”