Acting Classes for Kids

You and your parents think that maybe you can be an actor. How do you get on TV, be in movies, do TV commercials? Should you just try to find out about auditions and show up and give it a shot? But here’s the thing, the audition atmosphere is not the best place to walk into without previously experiencing that type of situation before. There will be a bunch of stuff going on. Kids waiting their turn. Stage Moms coaching and prepping. You will be auditioning for a group of industry pro’s – like the casting director, producer, director or writer. They know what they are looking for. Even though they are generally nice people, it usually is pretty scary getting up in front of them for the first time and performing lines from a script, while playing a character that you might have been just given for the first time a minute ago.

Headshot of actor Nicholas Kim with him saying how much he learned as an actor at Break Into Hollywood Studios.

Everyone is watching – not just the actor’s performance, but also how they carry themselves, how together they seem, how well they are able to understand and take direction. Very often there is a camera there focused on the young actor while they are auditioning. They might be asked to recite lines directly into a camera that is just a few inches away from their face, or perform their scene with another actor they never met before.

If you just walk into this situation cold with no previous experience or preparation, you are compromising your ability to shine. No training, no job.

Classes, Programs & Studios – What’s the BEST Choice?

Individual classes are good, but generally they are not part of a comprehensive coordinated program at an acclaimed acting studio created just for kids, teens and young adult actors. Industry professionals agree that in order to prepare the young actor for all the things they have to do to get noticed – the best path is a full featured acting program.

In addition to the acting part of the study, there are also some very important actor’s tools that need to be accomplished to give you the best shot. You need a resume that is professional looking and follows the format that is standard in the industry. In addition, headshots taken by a professional photographer experienced in creating them is absolutely necessary. The aspiring young actor also should be trained and coached in how to effectively promote themselves and use social media in a way that propels their new career.

An acting studio that addresses all these necessary “tools and training” is always the best choice!

Acting Success for Kids, Teens & Young Adults

The other thing to consider is the “real success and track record” of the acting studio you choose. Some acting programs and companies may promise you the world – but will never deliver results! They are scams, and schools that are NOT legitimate! Beware of their hype and their promotional material and interactions with you to get you to sign up. They just want to take your money.

If you really want to be a successful young actor or actress, you should go to the absolute best training facility. If you are in New York City or Las Vegas – that is where Break Into Hollywood Studios is located. For over a decade we have provided aspiring young actors the knowledge, experience and skilled personal to give you your best shot. We do everything at our studio – on-camera acting classes, professional coaching, head shot and resume development, social media workshops and demo recordings.

An even bigger plus is that every student gets to perform in our Hollywood Showcase or Agents in front of industry professionals. This is an incredible experience in and of itself, but in addition to that, it is a priceless opportunity to attract attention and get noticed by acting industry professionals who can cast you for real roles in TV, movies and commercials. It is WHO you know that counts in this business!

This is Break Into Hollywood Studios!

Our success stories speak for themselves. Check out all these acting school graduate success stories and see for yourself the amazing things they are doing in the on television, or in films, or on TV commercials.

Come to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors!

This is how you start – and it is so simple and quick! Come to our Intro Session for Beginner Actors. You and your parent will leave psyched about what YOU can accomplish as a new actor.

If you want to be an actor or actress – go about it the right way. The ONLY way in our experienced opinion.

We are here and ready for you!