Audition Tips for Movies, Commercials and TV – Part Two

We recently gave kids and teens a number of acting audition tips in Audition Tips Part One in this blog post series. Here are some more! And coming soon is the third and final post. Read them and remember them. There are many auditions for kids and teens for movies, TV shows and commercials – but there is also much competition for these roles. You have to be great and knock their socks off!

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Five More Acting Audition Tips for Kids, Teens & Young Adults

Here’s our next group of Break Into Hollywood Studios acting audition tips for young talent:

  • Be off book or as close to as you can. You should always be practicing your cold reading skills when you are not auditioning
  • You can always practice with other material. Being able to pick up sides and learn what is on the page quickly will assist you when you get a last minute audition
  • If you can, have someone read the scene with you. It always helps if you have a person read with you because acting is about reacting and interacting
  • Once you are prepared pick out what you are going to wear. DON’T wear a costume but come looking like the character
  • If the character is a lawyer then don’t come dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans. Instead  come wearing something more formal