Audition Tips for Movies, Commercials and TV – Part One

Here is the first part of our three part blog post series that shares our Break Into Hollywood Studios acting audition tips for child, teen and young adult actors. They are items that many professional actors and actresses rely on in order to do their best when preparing to audition for a film, television or commercial audition.


Actors and actresses should learn about what to expect before heading out on professional auditions. You must be ready to compete, perform, take direction – and book the role! Casting directors want to hire an actor who is trained and ready to work on the set. Therefore, one of the most important classes an actor can take is auditioning techniques. Auditioning is a skill that is acquired and learned as you start the process of a professional career in TV and film acting.

If you want to be a successful young actor or actress, you need to be great and do your best at all the many acting auditions for kids, teens and young adults that you go to. So whether your acting audition is for a movie, a commercial or a TV show – you will perform well and confidently if you are prepared and comfortable every step of the way. You can be the next Disney or Nickelodeon star, or get to co-star with a famous actor or actress in a feature film of TV series. It all starts with how well you audition for these roles

Acting Audition Tips for Kids, Teens & Young Adults

Here are the first five Break Into Hollywood Studios acting audition tips. We recommend that all kids, teens and adults study these and try to follow our recommendations when you prepare for your next acting audition. More tips will follow soon in Parts Two & Three of this blog post series:

  • If possible get the script and read it as soon as you get it. That way you can start working on the role
  • Focus on the character, how old are they, where do they come from, and how others in the script may feel about your character
  • If there is no script then you have to prepare with the information you have been given on the character from the sides
  • Breakdown the sides or scene you are given. Know who you are talking to and what your relationship is with them
  • Work on the scene like you would work on a part that you already have. The more comfortable you are with the material the better you will be in the room

We suggest you get comfortable with these tips and use them when you have an acting audition.

And remember, Break Into Hollywood Studios has a fantastic track record for helping talented kids, teens and young adult actors just like you achieve your dreams.

The next set of tips are now available in Part Two of this series.

We hope our next successful student is YOU!

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