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Acting Studios for Young Actors with that Special ‘Something’

There is talent in you. You know you have that special ‘something’; it’s a true gift that makes you shine, and it’s wrapped in an undeniable need to perform. It’s called the “acting bug”!

It’s the passion and desire to act. It’s simple. You watch your favorite TV stars, shows and movies and say, “I can do that”! The question is: where do you go and how do you get started?

Kids, Teenagers & Young Adult Acting School

Acting is a business. The stage is the one venue most easily accessible to young actors and actresses because there are many school and community plays and performances to participate in. However, the major market for all actors is the television and film industry.

Television and film acting – how do you break into that? It really comes down to TWO things: 1. WHAT YOU KNOW -and- 2. WHO YOU KNOW!

To pursue television and film work, all beginner talent needs to learn how to perform on camera and how to audition for roles. Additionally, all actors are expected to have a professional headshot, and show accomplishments as they build a resume. Once trained and ready, young actors then start seeking both auditions and representation with an agent or manager. The best place to receive this necessary training is at an acting school dedicated to kids, teens and young adults, one that is passionate and experienced with bringing their individual talent to this higher level. We have a five star professional acting and drama school team of coaches, photographers and industry representatives who are extremely experienced in their work with young talent.

The Only Full Service Actor's Studio in New York City

“Break Into Hollywood” is the one and only full service actor’s studio for kids, teens and young adults in NYC. For over a decade, we have trained young actors that are now starring in national commercials, prime-time television shows and feature films.

We want you to succeed! Our acting school studios offer the beginning actor everything needed to compete and get started in the business including on-camera training, auditioning techniques to book the roles, headshot & resume development and audition listings to start working in your city!

Most importantly, Break Into Hollywood Studios offers our actors the biggest and best showcasing events to audition and meet major movie and television agents and casting directors for contract and casting opportunities. It is all about signing the contract and booking the role!!!

It is up to you– your talent and your desire to be a professional actor and actress. One thing is for sure; to be successful in the entertainment business you need to become one of the best. Start with becoming the best you can be right now. All of us at Break Into Hollywood Studios have just one goal – to help you get there.

We can teach you the necessary skills, and when you are ready, connect you with the movie and television networks that can get you started in the exciting world of television and film acting. We welcome all beginning talent to our  studios, where we will develop your special talents to successfully pursue your dreams!